What to do if you hit a plateau in your skin care journey

First, take note of any changes in your life that might be effecting your progress such as new medications, different hair care products (yes those have a huge effect on your skin! Make sure they are free of problem causing ingredients!), dietary changes, climate changes, different laundry soap, etc.

  • Note that skin problems take time to develop and for your skin to react to changes. For example, it takes approximately 2 weeks for a pimple to fully form – from the start when you don’t even know it’s there to a full-blown pimple! So any changes you make in an attempt to help clear up your skin will need to be followed through with for an adequate amount of time – I always recommend 3 weeks at a minimum

 Second, detox your skin (using the detox kit). Alternate between these products and the products in your primary guide (for example, the acne prone guide). This could also be the time to add a targeted product to your detox routine. Targeted products include serumsmistsmaskshydrators, and my skin support tea.  This could also be the time to swap out one of the detox products for a targeted product – for example: if acne is your primary concern, switching the Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub that comes in the detox kit, for the Tea Tea Facial Nut Scrub that is specifically made to target (and eliminate) several causes of acne (including clogged pores, excess oil, and bacteria).

Third, try a clean diet and consider taking supplements. When starting on a clean diet (either skin specific, dosha specific, detox based, plant based, etc) it’s important to note that it can take around 3 to 6 months of consistent skin specific eating and supplementation to see any signs of healing. (also see: Batty’s steps to take along side your natural skin care routine + all Batty’s internal causes/solutions articles)

Fourth, evaluate the stress in your life. Stress (good and bad stress) can wreak havoc on our bodies. Hormones can go wild, bad habits start to form and our choices may be influenced by factors that are detrimental to our health. The results start to show on our skin. Saying to reduce stress in your life is easier said than done, but when we choose to put our health first, we always win. Seek help from those you trust, reach out to community members, or contact a life coach for help.

Fifth, check my blog (BattysBlog.com) and our ever growing resource directory for even more help!

There’s a lot of individual factors in the health of your skin, so pinpointing exactly what will move your skin back onto a healing journey can be tough but don’t lose hope. Often by changing a few small things, we can see positive results. Before trying to move mountains, try the detox row plan for a few weeks and contact us for additional support.