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Acne B.O.P. Mist


Acne B.O.P. Serum


Acne Prone Skin Care Kit


Acne Repair Skin Care Kit


After Acne Serum


After Acne Mist

Oil Balancing SerumPin

Balance Serum – oil balancing

charcoal thumnPin

Black Charcoal Soap


Bloom Serum (detox support)


Body Balm


Body Butter

topical scrubPin

Body Nut Scrub

sea salt cleansing thumbPin

Cleansing Sea Salt Soap



Cystic Acne and Oil Balancing MaskPin

Cystic Acne + Oil Balancing Mask


Daphne’s Mix: Soothing Spray for Itchy Dogs


Dead Sea Salt Mud Mask


Dead Sea Salt Facial Soap


Detox Skin Care Kit


Dry Clay Mask


Eczema Ointment


Eczema Serum


Facial Nut Scrub (tea tree & unscented)


Facial Primer / Day Moisturizer

Green Tea and Pineapple Liquid Facial CleanserPin

Green Tea & Pineapple Liquid Facial Cleanser


Hair Mask

Hydra Healing Skin Rescue GelPin

Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel


Hydration Mist


Hydration Serum


Leave In Conditioner


Lip & Body Jelly


Lip Butters


Mild Jojoba Facial Scrub

Mineral Cream Concealer Pin

Mineral Cream Concealer


Mineral Makeup Foundation

deo thumbPin

Natural Deodorants (restocked each summer)

dog shampoo thumbPin

Natural Dog Shampoo – tea tree & orange

omh thumbPin

Oatmeal, (Coconut) Milk, & Honey Soap

Oil Absorbing Setting Powder - Mineral Makeup Finishing PowderPin

Oil Absorbing Setting Powder


Patchouli & Grapefruit Olive Oil Soap for Acne Prone Skin


Patchouli Facial Moisturizer


Pineapple Facial Scrub


Quick Spritz Oil Fix


Quick Stick Acne Fix


Quick Tint Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer (BB Cream)


Rosacea Serum


Rosacea Skin Care Kit

rosehip thumbPin

Rosehip Soap




Skin Support Serum


Skin Support Tea


Soothing Cleanser


Soothing Eye Gel

tresses to toes thumbPin

Tresses to Toes (Shampoo/Camping) Soap


Wet Clay Mask

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General Testimonials

Becca J

Hey Batty!!!

SO, you are probably tired, of my questions, likes, posts etc. all over social media and email….lol! BUT, Batty’s Bath Products have become my new obsession and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. I have been using the Detox Kit along with the Cystic Acne Mask and BOP Serum for a week now. I’m so pleased with ALL the products…I can’t even decide which is my favorite because all of them are so lovely…I have things I love about all of them!
  • Charcoal Soap: It is wonderful…it’s light fragrance is refreshing and I love that it doesn’t over-dry my skin! My skin actually feels clean when I use this!
  • Primer Facial Moisturizer: Light, creamy, non-greasy! Where has this been my whole life?!
  • Mild Jojoba Scrub: Light and fluffy, non-abrasive. I love the color of this one 🙂
  • Dry Clay Mask: The application process is a bit messy with this one, but I love using this several times a week!
  • BOP Serum: While the smell took a bit to get use too, I have already noticed my pores on my nose and cheeks becoming smaller
  • Cystic Acne Mask: Love the gel consistency…it’s very cool and refreshing!
  • I also purchased the Peaches and Cream Body Butter and I could sit around all day smelling it! I love the fragrance and that it goes on super smooth and doesn’t feel greasy!
BUT MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PRODUCT RIGHT NOW IS THE MINERAL MAKEUP FOUNDATION!!!! WOW, I am so impressed with this foundation and blown away by it’s ability to cover and even my skin so well! I love the skincare products and know that clearing up skin from adult cystic acne takes time. I have noticed small improvements in my skin since starting to use your products a week ago, but in the meantime when I still want to hide nasty bumps and scars the mineral makeup foundation is my new go to product! Below are some photos of my before make-up (eek, some of those spots are soooo bad) and then after applying the mineral foundation (I’ve been using a combination of the Almond & Vanilla). What a difference this makes and I don’t have to be embarrassed by my acne! This is unlike any other foundation I’ve ever used…it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy! You know that feeling of make-up being caked on…not anymore! This is so light, yet covers WONDERFULLY!


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for ALL the wonderful products you have developed! I am also so grateful for the wealth of information you have posted on your site and blog! Such a GREAT resource! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your Etsy site one afternoon while searching for home/natural-remedies for skincare!


I already have my wish list going of products I want in my next order!!!!!!


Thanks so very much!!!!!


*Also, about 3 weeks ago I cut out soda and coffee. I have increased my water consumption and I’ve been taking a multi-vitamin and omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Thanks for all the tips on other ways to help with skincare when it comes to internal concerns!


***I despise taking “selfies” but wanted to show you first hand how much I love this product! None of the photos have been altered in any way! I didn’t brighten, lighten, or edit any of them! I applied the mineral makeup foundation in Almond and Vanilla…no concealer was used. I also have on a bit of blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara on!)

Becca’s skin after applying Batty’s Bath Mineral Foundation.

Mineral Foundation 2 - Becca JarrettPin




Christine E. B.

I tried Batty’s Bath’s Body Scrub completely on a lark and because I was convinced by Batty”s article about how exfoliating the skin helps with dry skin problems. I have horribly dry skin in the winter because of the layers of clothing I wear to keep my body warm. I loathe this aspect of winter because my skin becomes ashy, dry, and painful, and I have always had dry skin problems because I could never find a moisturizer that works and I never had the time to apply the okay ones regularly. I figured I’d give a body scrub a chance since it could easily be applied as part of my daily bathing routine, so I went out and bought Grandpa’s Porridge Body Scrub.Not only did I find the smell appealing in that it drummed up so many good nostalgic memories for me, I am very pleased to report that the product has done wonders for my skin! I’ve been using Batty’s Bath Body Scrubs for almost two months and I have never encountered a single dry spot on my body. This is the first winter ever that has happened to me in the 28 years I’ve lived! I’ve tried the Skull Scrub in addition to the Gpa variety previously mentioned, and they’re both great. I also tried other body scrubs given to me that are not from Batty’s Bath and found that they do not work as well as those from Batty’s Bath as they scrimp on the exfoliators (but cost as much or more than those offered by Batty’s Bath).If you have dry skin problems, I totally, 100% recommend using Batty’s Body Scrubs. They’ve done wonders for me and they’ll work great for you, too.


Kristen S.

I love Batty’s Bath products! I’ve been using them for almost a year and i love every scent because it actually smells the way it smells in real life, not synthetic. also, the soaps work on my ultra sencitive skin without making my skin feel itchy or tight (yay!) My favorite products are the skull scrub, the cinnamon hearrt body polish, the cucumber shea soap and the new mineral eyeshadows! the body scrub/polish make me feel human again after i finish working a long shift. everyone that i’ve given soap to from battys bath everyone has loved! therefore battys bath rocks and i like the quality of her work and her service AND it makes me feel wonderful after a stressful day 🙂


Jena B.

I am totally in love with Batty’s Bath products!!! I have only been using them for about 3 months now, but I have already noticed a difference in my skin and as well as my hair 🙂 Here are some of the products I am using: Shampoo and Conditioner. I have very thick and wavy hair, and though I am not quite through my first bottles yet, I already notice a difference in my hair. It is less frizzy, more manageable, and a lot softer. For my face, I use the cucumber facial soap, the scrub, the clay mask, the clay day moisturizer, and my most favorite of all, the patchouli facial moisturizer. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my face. Everyone tells me that my face looks so much brighter. I rarely ever have dry skin or breakouts on my face anymore, but if I do, her products take care of it very quickly. I actually enjoy washing my face face now! I have even gained a bit more confidence since I started using her facial products…honestly. I think it is because I know that my skin looks good, so in turn, I feel good. I have also been using the soap bars most days, and the body wash when I am in a rush. I never have that tight, prickly feeling on my skin when I get out of the shower anymore which is amazing. I also LOVE using the body butters. They make my skin feel and smell awesome! I am always getting compliments from people. I also enjoy using the lip balms, the solid perfumes, and the deodorants. I work in a hospital, and it is very dry in there. So combine winter dryness + hospital dryness = a dried out mess! But ever since I started using Batty’s products, I find that I do not even notice the dryness anymore, it’s just not there. Her products last throughout my entire 12 hour shift.I also wanted to mention that I use the soap bars and body butters on my 3 year old daughter and I have even noticed a difference in her skin as well. The fact that the body butter makes her skin even softer then kids already soft skin is great, and she loves to pick out her own soap scent. I would use the shampoo and conditioner on her as well, but I just don’t want to risk it getting in her eyes, but when she gets a bit older, I definitely will! Jamie, your products have completely changed my bath & beauty world, and I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your company on the London Mom’s website. You definitely have a long term customer in me 🙂 I really wish I had found you sooner. I can’t even begin to guess the amount of money and time I have spent trying to find products that did even half of what yours do. Thank you so much for being so awesome and also changing the way I feel about my hair & skin through your amazing products, your very informative website, and your super sweet personality 🙂 Keep doing what your doing…my skin THANKS YOU!


Laura F.

Loving Batty’s Clay Facial Mask with Kokum Butter 🙂 I have rosacea and this mask really helps to reduce the redness/itchiness.



Emily U. & Her Furry Friends


Dear Aunt Batty, I can’t resist sticking my nose in Mom’s armpits when she uses your Coconut Cream Deodarant! Woof! (like my collar?! Just for you and the ‘photoshoot’)


Thanks for making everything cruelty free! Rayne bunny appreciates it 😉


Mom says dogs don’t use deodorant, but a pup can dream can’t she!


Aliya H.

I bought my first BB’s products last year after many nights spent drooling in front of the computer, imagining how good my skin would feel and how nice I would smell.My parcel went missing in the mail and Batty was kind enough to send another with no fuss and even a sample! The order was well packed and cute to boot.I make bath and body products myself (Sailor Mouth Soaps) so I can fully appreciate the quality of Batty’s products and I know the effort that goes into formulating and packaging these goodies.I’m always impressed whenever I use any of Batty’s products, especially the Buttercream Frosting conditioner, I get so many comments! I also love the clay primer, it’s such an interesting texture and works very well.

I think Batty’s great! You should buy from her, you won’t be disappointed!



Jane C.

I met Jamie in December at An Artist’s AfFair. I was lucky enough to have a table right next to hers and spent a fun day smelling her wonderful products. Lucky for me I made some money so I was able to buy a couple things to try!First I bought a bar of her green apple soap which just smells so edible and delicious! It’s great for my skin, leaves it feeling so clean and refreshed! I also bought the green apple body scrub. Again, it smells delicious! But the best part is, it works. I use it mostly on my feet and hands, especially at this time of year. It does wonders to slough off the dead skin on my feet and keep them nice and soft! I use it at least every 3 days (as time permits me to have longer showers when the baby is with someone else or asleep!)I just recently purchased a few more items to try. I have a problem with using drug store lip balms, I often get a bit of redness and tingling. I assumed it was a reaction to the beeswax in them. After talking to Jamie about my issues, she suggested I use her unscented massage hearts on my lips. Her thinking was that it’s not the beeswax making my lips funny, but the fragrance put in them. I’ve been using the massage hearts on my lips for 5 days now and they feel great! (I’m told you can also use the massage hearts for other things… Wink.)The other products I bought were the Peppermint Verbena liquid hand/face soap, watermelon deodorant and lemongrass & sage solid perfume.

So the liquid hand soap is great. There has been a lot of talk recently in the media about using anti-bacterial products because of an ingredient called triclosan. Here’s a facts website about it and the products it’s in:http://www.drbenkim.com/articles/triclosan-products.htm. Anyway! Because of this and with a concern for my family’s health, I was on a mission to find liquid hand soap that doesn’t contain triclosan. I mean really, what’s wrong with soap like what our grandparents used to use? Nothing! So along comes Batty’s Bath with a new product and I had to try it. We love it. It smells great and leaves our hands feeling squeaky clean. You can tell that it isn’t stripping your body’s natural oils and it doesn’t dry you out. Just a good ol’ soap.

The deodorant I was worried about at first. I tend to sweat a fair bit and I was worried that if I wasn’t using a strong antiperspirant I would be a mess. It’s been 5 days now and I’m loving it! It has a wonderful watermelon scent, not too overpowering, and it does the trick! I feel fresh all day.

Lastly to the perfume. I have never been a perfume user, much to my husband’s dismay. I could never find a scent I liked or one that didn’t make me sneeze. I also am in the category of people who’s body chemistry doesn’t get along well with perfumes. I would spray 3-4 sprays in all the right areas and within an hour or two, poof, the scent was gone. So I gave up on the idea a long time ago and came to the conclusion that I just would be scent-less. Well now I’m smelling great with the lemongrass & sage solid perfume! No worries about a spray and I smell awesome!

Thanks for all your wonderful products and I can’t wait to try your shampoo, conditioner and body wash next!



Bumble B.

Hey doll, just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my package and working with me – everything was packaged so beautifully!!I just got out of the shower and I used my new shampoo and conditioner (Coconut = AWESOMESAUCE) which I love, and my new hair/acne cold soap bar which is amazing!! I love it and I don’t feel so DRY after. Usually I’m running for body lotion to throw on, and I don’t feel that need today. I’m going to put some patch cream on (which smells gorgeous, not overly strong, just lovely!)  I am thrilled with the texture of your balms – and they smell so yummys!! :))))Thank you again for everything, you’re the best!!


Dena G.

Hi Jamie…..
l have just started trying your products out after seeing the article about your soapmaking in the paper.l visited the Met to pick up a few things and have put two orders in since…..lol….As if l didn’t get enough the first time! But l was very happy with the soaps and how soft my skin feels.
lt has never felt better…..can’t go back to that other stuff now!! Plus the patchouli cream has seemed popular with everyone. l find it really helps my acne along with the patchouli/grapefruit soap which feels soooo good on my skin. l am 50 and still have breakouts! So the combination of acne control and moisturizer is a necessity for me.Also l had contacted you about my dad’s psoriasis and you gave me some great advice and got back to me right away l might add! So he is also using the patchouli moisturizer with amazing results!! He says your product has worked better then anything else he has used…..and he has used alot. Natural is much better then using all those hydrocortisone creams.Although he is using too much so l had to order more….lol…He has chronic itchy skin as well so l also on your advice ordered him the charcoal soap and  shampoo/conditioner as the commercial products are likely aggravating/causing the itching and psoriasis. l have been using the shampoo and really like it…. it is an adjustment with less lather at first but l just think about how much better it is for me and the environment! l look forward to trying the other products l bought but l guess l will have to wait until Christmas! l purchased the body butter,  deodorant, lip balm, bath balms and joint/muscle bath salts
(for after those long runs) as well as ordering more soap and my other favs! Oh and lastly l just love the cloth packaging the soaps come in and also how my order came in the cloth bags too… How nice! it makes it very personal and is a nice touch. Thanks Again Jamie for your wonderful products and look forward to seeing what new things you have coming out in the new year!
Merry Christmas/Happy New Years


Heather G.

I was first introduced to Batty’s products at a home party. I was immediately in love with the concept, the products and the smell 🙂 I started by using the Patchouli facial moisturizer , the patchouli and grapefruit facial soap, a chocolate lip balm, and the clay mask. All I can say is WOW!! These products are amazing. My skin is soft, redness has gone and I am starting to get my breakouts under control. The best part about discovering Batty’s products is the way they have helped others I know. My older sister has suffered from Rosacea for years, I gave her a jar of Batty’s patchouli facial moisturizer along with the clay mask. Within DAYS her redness had gone down. I went to her house the other day and told her how great her face looked and how it was barely red, she laughed and said OH thats great, because I didn’t even put make up on today!! To me that was wonderful, she had a confidence that I hadn’t seen in a long time. My dad also uses the products on his face and head (he suffers from a rare cancer) and has had radiation on his head and neck causing redness and severe dryness, since he’s been using batty’s products, his redness and dryness have cleared up. PLUS the nurses at the cancer clinic are always commenting on how GREAT he smells 🙂
I Love how Batty’s products have helped so many people in my life, in such a short time.
I just started using her shampoo and conditioner and I am now happy to say that I smell like a DELICIOUS BUTTER CREAM CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Batty, keep up the amazing work xxoo. Heather Gifford


Brittany G.

I was first introduced to Batty’s Bath products at the Weezi bubbles and Bow’s event in October. I started off with a few soaps from her Halloween line, after seeing them posted on a friend’s facebook page. I was in love! I threw out my old Ivory soap bar and was officially converted. Soon I was making regular trips to Weezi to get my Batty Fix. I’ve already finished one Vip soap card and am now on my second. I was even lucky enough to receive Batty’s Bath and Weezi gift bags for Christmas! Since then I have expanded from using her soaps to trying out Batty’s other products such as the lip balm, the shampoo, bubble bath as well as my personal favourite product: the buttercream body butter! Scent has always been very important to me: it simply HAS to smell like food otherwise I simply refuse to use it (working retail and having to use hand sanitizer that contains alcohol, wasn’t helping my dry skin situation). My hands were cracked and dry, I even tried exfoliating with other products at home to try and get rid of the dead skin but even after moisturizing, it just came back. I am proud to say that Batty’s body butter has been the only product I have used that has actually fixed this problem. Sure I still have some dry patches but it is nowhere as severe as it once was. Another thing I really enjoy about this product is that I can bring it to work and not have to worry about that greasy slippery feel I get when I use other moisturizers. Another one of my favourite products is the lip balm I recently purchased from Jamie, the texture is phenomenal, and it’s creamier than any other lip balm I’ve used in the past. With most lip balms I really have to press hard when I am applying them because they do not “glide” on very easily. Jamie is amazing to deal with and is very knowledgeable when it comes to her products. I have ordered through her Etsy site and her high degree of customer service should not go unnoticed. Batty’s bath has helped me with Christmas gifts this past December, I’ve introduced both friends and family members to Batty’s Bath and they all have raved about the high quality of these products. Thank you Jamie for making such fabulous products 🙂



Victoria B.

I was a die-hard user of stuff that came from a shop whose name begins with L- and ends with SH…but I got better!Weezi introduced me to Batty’s Bath at her studio: I was an extreme skeptic, but I lost my skepticism first with the clay mask, then the lovely soaps that even Mr. Spouse likes, then mineral make-up and the handy-how-to video, the day primer, the sugar cube scrubs, deodorant…. then the Body butters, then the Patchouli face cream…and I’m waiting for my next shop at the Weezi store to find more.The clay mask helped clear imperfections more than I could have expected. And the primer is good start to the morning (Goodbye, Fresh face masks!)The soaps smell super, feel good and are a hit when I give them as gifts…Hot chocolate soap and pumpkin spice soap for Xmas is heaven! Spider in my creamsicle soap? So good! And Mr. Spouse loves his cold-pressed castile soaps, too! (Ciao, soap from that other shop)

The mineral make-up wears beautifully alone or under make-up (Au revoir, Vichy concealer)

The scrubs do their job well (Auf Weidersehn, overpriced exfoliating body bar and facial cleanser from that other shop)

The deodorant was the first sensitive skin-safe deodorant that I have used in years that hasn’t caused a rash. The Peppermint is nice and zippy! (Laters, Aromaco)

The body butters are rich, absorb well and smell like candy heaven (Ta-ta forever, greasy hands and knees)

And the Patchouli facial moisturizer? Not even the most expensive face cream at that other place could do the good that it does. Paired with the day primer, I have no more red, dry patches on my cheeks and no tight, clogged pores. (So long, Celestial and Gorgeous!)

To make matters better, the entire facial rescue kit (primer, clay mask, concealer and patchouli moisturizer) costs less than most of the facial moisturizers at that other shop!

And I’m pleased as anything about being able to return my empty, clean jars (Bye, black pots!)

What’s better is that as my bathroom slowly empties of products from that other shop, Batty’s bath has got stuff in the works, ready to replace my old stuff.
I can’t wait for the massage bars, bath bomb, and shampoo bar!

Batty, keep bringing it! My skin, hair, green conscience, friends, Spouse and wallet thank you!


Lauri G.

 I have to say how much I love the soaps & body butter.. I have a 4 year old son that since the day he was born has had extremely dry toes to the point where they crack and bleed… very painful.. the doctors have tried all sorts of creams & told me just to load his toes with Vaseline before he goes to bed and put thick socks on. Its helps bet never really cures it. He also suffers from dry skin with little bumps on his back and arms. My girlfriend owns a spa here in Quesnel & at Christmas her goodie bags for everyone had one of your gingerbread men soaps(so adorable!!) & cranberry body butter which is how I got introduced to your products.. Once I got these I stopped using the store bought soaps on my son & used yours  . After one application of the body butter on his skin & toes what an amazing difference in just one application!! Nothing I have tried on him gave me these kind of results.Also no more bumps and dry skin on his back and arms since using your soap & body butter. and now he has baby soft skin again!!! He loves the soaps & body butters as well. Every time he sees them he has to smell them.. Thank you so much for making such great products!!!


Emily T.

I’m a sucker for keeping my face clean. Toners, cleaners, masks, spot treatments – I’ve tried them all and bought name brand products and tried home remedies and all of them have failed. I’ve found that most face products make my face more oily than anything because it strips my face down to much. This always caused breakouts and me being royally irritated.When I found Batty’s Bath products on etsy.com, I was skeptical. No reason to lie. When anyone promotes facial care I do get interested, but I don’t want it to be a waste of my time. However, BB’s products turned out to be anything but. My first purchase was cucumber facial soap, patchouli moisturizer, primer/day moisturizer, and clay mask. The moment I was the package in the mail, I threw away my old face regimen and started a new one! It took about a week for my face to re-balance, but it was soooooo worth it.The face soap is deep cleansing and doesn’t dry out my skin (MAJOR PLUS!). And for such a compact bar, it lasts a long time.I love using the patchouli moisturizer when I go to bed because the patchouli oil soaks in as I rest. A word of caution: I love the smell of patchouli, but if your one of those people who really don’t like that scent, this product might not be for you unless you can deal.

The face primer/moisturizer is best for the day and it really does help with my makeup applications and improves wear time. It might look “muddy” in the jar, but it becomes transparent when used. So no worries!

I originally purchased the soy butter mask and found it good for dry spots, but was a little heavy when used in a big area. The dry formula (which I bought later) is nice all over the face and a good alternative. Mix some water with a little of the dry mask, apply and let it dry. Let it sit for as long as you can stand it and rinse with warm water. Love it!

Since buying those products, my face has been clear and blemish free. When I travel, all my face products fit perfectly in my makeup bag or in the complementary bags Jamie (BB’s Master goody maker) sends with the products. My only wish was that the stickers showed how many ounces are contained to keep TSA off my back at the airport.  {BATTY’S NOTE: The containers include how many grams are in the products – The Canadian standard}

All of BB’s products are budget friendly and eco-chic with the container recycling program (may not apply to all product containers, but most of them). With Batty’s Bath, there’s no guess work and your guaranteed quality products. I’ve also found that Jamie is more than willing to answers questions and I love good customer service.

Keep up the good work!


Lisa B.

I used your doggy shampoo last night on my “Walrus” and man does it smell good! He’s so soft now and I love that the shampoo really washes off well (no dandruff, like other doggy shampoos). Thanks for making a great product and for supporting ADR in the process!!!


Lori D.

 just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping and absolutely amazing products!The concealer powder is awesome! It hides redness amazingly. I feel pretty again 🙂 I am
recovering from a weird breakout and this helps hide the aftermath. 🙂 I love the moisturizer too – I’m a huge patchouli fan so this is perfect.I will definitely be back for more!Thanks SO much!


Brenda D.

Just wanted to let you know that the “little heart” lotions worked wonderful for my little eczema plagued granddaughter. It has pretty much cleared it up and her mommy loved how HER hands felt after applying it. The cold pressed soap is perfect too!



I just wanted to say, thank you so much – your products are a lifesaver! My skin has never looked so good. I am a fan for life. Please never stop making your products, because I have told everyone I know about them. I liked your page on Facebook also. LOVE the Patchouli Primer/Moisturizer. Makeup never looked so good on my face. You have a real winner there. I hope you go really, really far with your items. :)PS – my son stole the gingerbread man soap (he’s 5) and he loved it! He wants more, so I will have to re-order the larger one 🙂



Just wanted to mention that your dry shampoo is simply amazing. I use it every morning to get lift, and it does the job.
Other products I have tried have nothing on yours.


Cayla B W

You make the most amazing face cream!! Thank you so much! I have never used a better cream and trust I have tired A LOT of creams, and my boyfriend was thinking on going on meds for his skin and YOU have saved him from that!!! We are almost out again so we can’ wait to place an order!


Misty Devine

Me and my sister are in love with it. It’s worked for me on cystic acne that nothing else touches. And she’s even tried Pro-Activ before and not gotten results like this. She also uses your body balm on her face as moisturizer and it has made a big difference in her breakouts.I absolutely LOVE your products. The facial care have made a huge difference for me, and your products are the only scented products I’ve ever found that I can use without getting a rash. It’s such a treat to finally have the little luxury of scented toiletries at the age of 30!


Anne M

It was Love at First Scrub
I first stumbled across Batty’s Bath products while Christmas shopping.  A Batty’s Bath display was set up at a crafts and arts show in downtown London.  I thought the homemade soaps would make nice stocking stuffers.  (They did).  At the same time, I bought the facial scrub for myself because I had just run out of my own and thought what the heck…  I’ll try it.
After that first scrub I was hooked.  I was shocked at how much better the Batty’s Bath scrub worked compared to the name brand product I had been using.  I started looking for more Batty’s Bath products and every time I ran out of  an item from the product line I had been using, I replaced it with a Batty’ Bath product.  
As you can see from the photo,  my skin care is Batty.  And I didn’t even include the charcoal soap and the nine cakes of bath soap.
I no longer have an ‘oily T zone’ which I now know is just skin that is unbalanced.  My skin is hydrated and in the best condition its ever been in.  I use the ‘mature’ products because Batty’s Bath is helping me keep the evidence of my ‘maturity’ at bay.
Thank you Batty.



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