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Sunflower Floral Aura Skin Personality

Hello beautiful!

Let’s get to know your skin better!

BIG NOTE: If you landed on Sunflower after answering “no” to having completed a skin detox while taking the quiz, don’t fret! You’re still in the right place. There is a lot of overlap between the actions for those who still need to do a detox and those who are true Sunflowers. If you haven’t detoxed yet, LET’S GET YOU STARTED!

By the time you finish  checking out this page, you’ll know:

  • The benefits of being a sunflower
  • What specific actions to focus on to achieve balance as a sunflower
  • Pitfalls to watch out for as a sunflower
  • Our top product picks for sunflowers
  • Extra sunflower specific resources


You’ve landed here because you can say yes to at least 4 of these points

  • You would describe your skin as being oily (either all over, or specific areas like your t-zone)
  • You’re prone to having blackheads
  • Your skin becomes easily congested and pores look ‘full’
  • You’re currently using products that contain ingredients that aren’t natural
  • You’ve been using products that are “oil-free” (perhaps because you’re afraid of adding oils to your skin)
  • Your pores appear enlarged and more noticeable
  • Even after you’ve exfoliated, your skin still feels congested

Benefits of being a Sunflower

  • Your skin flora (a.k.a. your skin microbiome) tends to be well balanced, so acne breakouts aren’t a big concern for you.
  • While blackheads may be present, this actually means that your skin is getting healthy quantities of oxygen. Blackheads are formed when oxidization occurs and turns the hardened sebum to a dark colour- hence ‘black’heads.
  • The oils that are produced actually help to slow down the signs of ageing because of the natural moisture levels in your skin.

Your Top 3 Focuses for balanced skin

  1. Removing the debris and build-up from your pores: You want to look for skin care products that contain ingredients like active charcoal, fruit enzymes and clays. These types of ingredients will continually help to pull debris and other build-ups out of your pores. At the same time, you should be trying to exfoliate every time you cleanse. This doesn’t mean abrasive exfoliation is necessary all the time, as fruit enzymes offer a non-abrasive alternative. For the record, pineapple is our favourite fruit enzyme.
  2. Balancing your oil production: Most people with oily skin are scared to add oils into the mix. When in fact, oily skin needs oils to help find balance. Our skin produces excess oil to make up for a lack of healthy oils in our skin, so providing these types of oils actually helps the body to know it can slow down in the production of sebum (aka oil). Great examples include our Raw Radiance Facial Moisturizer and B.O.P. Serum.
  3. Hydrating your skin: If congestion comes easily to your skin, lubricating the pores with a natural hydrator will take you the distance in helping remove the build-up of hardened oils. Water is essential to providing a slip that your pores can use to push out obstructions.

Top 3 pitfalls for a Sunflower

  • Not having a fully balanced routine! Every skin care routine needs to contain a cleanser, exfoliator, hydrator and skin moisturizer. Each piece is interconnected and missing just one of these can perpetuate your skin concerns. Not sure how to build a balanced routine? Build your routine with our FREE Routine Builder.
  • Hydration: Debris and sebum harden in the pores causing congestion and blockages. Your skin needs both oil and water to be able to naturally push these blockages out. This is also the most commonly missed piece of the puzzle when it comes to skin care.
  • Avoiding oils all together: This is a common misperception for people with oily skin. Your skin produces excess oil to repair a damaged lipid barrier (your skin’s natural oil barrier) or when your skin is having a hard time holding on to hydration (aka water). When healthy, natural oils are present, your lipid barrier can repair itself and your skin will adjust its secretion levels. Just make sure the oils you decide to use aren’t in a formula with pore clogging ingredients (as a side note, at Batty’s Bath we specialize in creating products rich in lipid barrier repairing oils while omitting any ingredients or ingredient combination that will clog pores).
  • Not exfoliating enough / not using the right type of exfoliators: We tend to only think of surface level exfoliation, but to avoid congestion, exfoliation inside your pores is also important. This can be done through the use of fruit enzymes that are able to get inside the pore to help release debris. .


 Top product picks for a Sunflower

Oil Absorbing Setting Powder

 Pure Amore Gel Cleanser

Hydra Healing Skin Rescue Gel

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Psst… Fun Fact: VA Karla is a sunflower!

VA Karla is a Sunflower

Made it here without taking the Floral Aura Skin Personality Quiz? Oops! Let’s make sure you’re right the right spot. Head over here to take the quiz now.

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