Radiant Rebel Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Green Beauty Affiliate Program - Influencer Marketing for Natural Living, Holistic Skincare, Simple Living, Vegan Blogger Partnership

By participating in the Radiant Rebel Affiliate Program and promoting the products of Batty’s Bath you have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Affiliate Eligibility

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate
  • We reserve the right to deny/revoke a partnership based on site content that does not align with our values for any reason. This includes content that is harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, harassing, racial, ethical, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Agreeing to these terms and conditions does not create any partnership, joint venture, franchise or employment relationship between both parties.

The Radiant Decree (The ‘Rules’)

  • No Radiant Rebel Affiliate shall use unethical marketing tactics to promote Batty’s Bath or it’s products. This includes unsolicited email marketing or gorilla marketing tactics.
  • No Radiant Rebel shall use their own link to procure an earning from their own, personal purchases. This includes purchases for immediate family members  and/or all members of the same household as the affiliate. Should it be found that an affiliate has done so, it is grounds for immediate removal from the program.
  • No Radiant Rebel Affiliate shall use the Batty’s Bath social media channels including the Radiant Rebel Facebook Group or Business Page for marketing purposes.
  • Radiant Rebel Affiliates shall practice ethical marketing tactics and refrain from spamming or failure to disclose affiliate relationship.

How do I earn commission?

  • Affiliates earn 10% of Batty’s Bath sales at Shopbattysbath.com when the customer uses the affiliates unique link. Commission will only be paid when sales are made through the qualified link. If the link is not used, no commission will be available for earnings. It is your sole responsibility to make sure that your link is used properly in marketing materials and that it is available for use to collect commissions.
  • We will only pay commissions on tracked sales that are verified by Affiliately and your unique link.
  • Batty’s Bath maintains the right to deduct earning for any customer order cancellations and when appropriate, refunds.

How do I receive payment?

  • Batty’s Bath customers have the ability to cancel/change orders after they’ve been placed and up until the order reaches the fulfilment stage. Click here for the full details.
  • Batty’s Bath reserves the right to deduct, in subsequent months, any commission paid for a product or service that is subsequently returned or refunded, or for any reason where the previous monthly commission was overpaid or later subject to reduction.
  • Affiliate earnings are paid out once a month. In order to receive your earnings, your account must have a minimum earnings balance of $50 CAD in the account.
  • Between the 1st and the 7th of the month, e-transfers will be sent to the email address attached to your account.
  • If your account has less than $50 CAD balance at the end of the month, you will not be eligible for a payout that month. Your current balance will be carried over into the next month’s earnings.
  • Affiliates can check the balance of their accounts at any time using their Afffiliately login in and access page found HERE.
  • If you have issues logging into your account, please email va@battysbath.com

What is the Last Click Policy

  • Your unique link MUST be the last link used to access the shop before purchase for the commission to be eligible. Should a customer leave the store and return later to finish their order using a different link, you will not be eligible for the commissions on that order.
  • If a customer places an order using your link and returns to make an additional order through a different link later, you are not eligible for commissions on subsequent sales. Your link must meet the last click policy on every order for it to be tracked and you to generate earnings from that order.

What marketing can I do?

  • We encourage you to engage with your networks via social media, website forums and even personal life.
  • Paid advertising is permitted. However, you will not be reimbursed for any costs associated, and you may not target followers / current members of our social media channels.

What if I decide to take a break or that the affiliate program is not for me?

  • The Radiant Rebel Affiliate Program has a limited amount of spaces available for active members. If a member becomes inactive for more than 3 months, their account will be suspended, and they will no longer be able to earn commissions.
  • Should you require a leave from the program for extenuating circumstances, please notify us via email at va@battybath.com

What happens if my account is suspended?

  • We reserve the right to reject or suspend your account, at any time. Batty’s Bath will be paid for any outstanding commission, but you may become ineligible to promote on behalf of Batty’s Bath in the future.

Changes to the terms & conditions

  • Batty’s Bath reserves the right to change/amend this agreement or suspend the Radiant Rebel Affiliate Program at any time.

If you have any question, please send an email to va@battysbath.com.

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