Radiant Rebel Affiliate Resources

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Congrats on becoming a radiant rebel affiliate! On this page, you’ll find ideas and resources for how to make the most out of your unique affiliate referral link!

Your Affiliate Account

  • To keep up with your referrals, your account status, your earnings, receive your unique referral link, and more, login here.
  • Don’t know or lost your unique referral link? No problem. You can find it by logging into your affiliate panel.

Shareable Images

  • Feel free to reshare any images we post on social media accounts and add your own caption! If we’ve credited another account for the photo, be sure to include the credit to them as well. Links to our social media accounts are at the top of the page or head straight to our most used channels: Instagram and Facebook.
  • When resharing our posts, don’t forget to add your unique referral link to the caption so you get credited for any referrals you send back to us.
  • Another popular way to share a unique referral link is set it as your bio link on Instagram.  By doing this, your image captions can include “see the link in my bio” without having to type out your unique link every time or hope that people who see it will remember your full referral link (and use it). Make it as simple as possible for your peeps to click your link so you don’t miss out on referrals. Here’s a great example from my favourite holistic nutritionist and radiant rebel, Krystal:
  • Spreading the word about safe beauty
  • Before large online events (like Free Shipping Days) we’ll send out an email to our affiliate program members with a promotional image that’s perfect for sharing online. Feel free to start sharing that image as soon as it hits your inbox if you’d like. Note: Be sure you’re getting our emails to make sure you don’t miss out! We send emails out to affiliates about surprise events before they happen as well as reminders about reoccurring events.

Radiant Rebel Examples

  • Sometimes it’s just easier to see how it’s done with a visual right? Below are examples from Echo, a photographer we work with and a bonified Radiant Rebel, shows us how she shares her affiliate link on instagram:
  • Batty's Bath Affiliate Program How to share your referral linkHere’s another example from Echo. You’ll notice she has a coupon code. To request your own, email va@battysbath.com
  • Share your love of green beauty with your friends and get rewardsNote that you don’t need to be a professional photographer or share your face in your posts if you don’t want to! Again, you can share our content and add your own caption (ideas below), or share a picture of your products (ideas below), or share a picture of your choosing (keeping with our terms and conditions).

Ideas for captions and images

Here are some ideas for things to talk about or pictures to take. This is by no means an exhausted list, but merely a starting out point to help you brainstorm your way to affiliate referral success! Remember, the more we spread the word, the more we’re putting green (toxin free) living knowledge into the hands of the people we care about.

  • Your current routine
  • Your favourite product (and why)
  • What your routine was like before green beauty and what it’s like now
  • Document a switch to safer beauty and skincare products
  • A makeup look that includes a Batty’s Bath product
  • Face mask selfie (like Echo’s example above)
  • What you love about using safer skincare
  • What makeup shade or product you’re currently digging
  • Why you’re an advocate for cruelty-free beauty (bring on the cute animal pictures!)
  • Why simplified, straightforward beauty is your jam
  • How often you switch up your routine (whether that’s makeup or skincare) OR why you don’t!
  • What you’ve learned from being a radiant rebel
  • The best thing about being a radiant rebel
  • How you found out about Batty’s Bath
  • What first drew you to Batty’s Bath
  • The first Batty’s Bath product you tried
  • What your next Batty’s Bath haul will include
  • Your must-have / can’t-be-without Batty’s Bath product is
  • Which charity that Batty’s Bath supports resonates with you the most
  • Your current skincare goals
  • What you love about your skin right now
  • What eyeshadow shade combos you love (or would love to try)


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