Our Philosophy

A commitment to ingredients & artistry

All Batty’s Bath products are hand made in small batches by Jamie (a.k.a. Batty) to ensure their freshness. They are then packaged, labeled and prepared by hand by Batty. Learn about handmade soap here.

We only use pure ingredients that are naturally good for your skin or hair. Batty’s Bath believes that cutting costs at the expense of skin care hurts us all. Chemical alternatives and substitutes to the real thing are not found in our products for the sake of a few pennies. Our bottom line is about healthy skin and happy people. Click here to learn about our ingredients as well as the oils we use to scent our products.

Our products are free of detergents, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), petrolatum/petrochemicals, glycols, formaldehyde donors, PEG’s/PPG’s, DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine), 1, 4 – dioxanes and other contaminates.

A commitment to all skin types…

Batty’s Bath believes that everyone – including those with sensitivities and allergies, should be able to enjoy pampering bath & body products without harm – and we formulate our products by this guiding principle. Requests and special needs can be fulfilled – we offer unscented, 100% natural and vegan options. Batty is always open to requests when we don’t offer a product that accommodates a specific allergy. Feedback about what people are developing sensitivities to is how we continue to provide healthy and safe alternatives! We need you.

A commitment education…

Mother Nature knows best when searching for relief from acnerosaceaeczema and even can address mature skin care concerns. We know what it’s like to actually be afraid to use certain products for fear of severe reactions. We cater to you and want to help you. Our special skin care lines are made with natural ingredients that have been known to work for centuries. With products in hand, we also offer the advice you need to follow a simple, practical skin care regimen that is affordable and effective.

A commitment to sustainability…

Batty’s Bath continues to watch for any new developments in eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable shipping materials, and sustainable farming practices to ensure that every aspect of Batty’s business and personal life makes a positive impact. We do everything we can to help.

Batty’s Bath recycles, reuses, or upcycles all packaging that comes in from supply orders and is conscious to avoid working with companies that are not taking steps towards sustainability.

Cornstarch packing peanuts are used to pad orders. Made of completely biodegradable material (they disintegrate when wet) – if you can’t use them again, please put them in your compost pile.

Since Batty’s Bath is a two-room business run from Batty’s home – no additional resources are used in the creation of our products. Living with an expert in reducing electrical/power usage, Batty’s home becomes more and more efficient with each passing day.

A commitment to our communities…

Batty’s Batty’s Bath believes in being a part of the handmade community as well as giving back to it. The attention and skill that goes into handmade products make them worth their weight in gold.

Bath believes in supporting local community. Give back more than you can take, and always be mindful of how you can help. This philosophy guides Batty’s charitable activities as well as her personal and business spending. All ingredients, packaging materials and other resources are purchased from Canadian suppliers (most of which are within 2 hours or less from Batty’s home-based studio). A list of the charities Batty’s Bath supports can be found here.

A commitment to cherish all beings…

Batty’s Bath strongly believes that testing bath and beauty products on animals is completely unnecessary. None of Batty’s Bath products or ingredients have ever been or ever will be tested on animals.

Batty’s Batth is approved by the Leaping Bunny Program.

Batty feels a strong connection with animals and now that she doesn’t work with them one-on-one anymore (besides her rescue dogs and the occasionally furry foster friend), she feels compelled to help support those who continue to work day in and day out giving abused, neglected, and unwanted animals a chance. A portion of the annual sales from Batty’s Bath goes to the Ontario SPCA. All the profits from our dog shampoo goes to Ador-A-Bull Dog Rescue (Ontario). A portion of the monthly sales at Tabby’s Treasures, goes to Animal Aide (St. Thomas, ON).