Your Batty’s Bath Floral Aura is Peony!

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Peony Floral Aura

Hello beautiful!

Let’s get to know your skin better!

By the time you finish checking out this page, you’ll know:

  • The benefits of being a peony
  • What specific actions to focus on to achieve balance as a peony
  • Pitfalls to watch out for as a peony
  • Our top product picks for peonies
  • Extra peony specific resources


You’ve landed here because you can say yes to at least 4 of these points

  • Your skin is typically dry and/or prone to dryness
  • Your skin can be classified as thin, fragile or fine
  • Your skin tends to be dull in tone and lack luminosity
  • You find that your skin often feels tight
  • You experience flaking and/or peeling often
  • The texture of your skin feels rough/bumpy in a non-acne way
  • You have a grey / ashy tone to your skin
  • It often feels like there is a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin
  • Your skin feels like it can’t get enough moisture
  • You experience breakouts due to hormonal changes, possibly due to menopause
  • You’re concerned with working an anti-ageing protocol into your skincare routine
  • You’d like to reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • You’ve noticed a change in your skin over after having kids, or a major life event (examples could include but aren’t limited to moving, divorce, career change, retiring, etc).

Benefits of being a Peony

  • An excess of oil is usually not a problem for you. As we age, the process of oil production tends to gradually slow down and mid-day oil blotting isn’t as necessary.
  • Due to the reduction of oil production (and thus bacteria), you’re also less likely to deal with breakouts.
  • The lack of oils also means that you are free to pamper your skin with rich, luxurious ingredients like fruit and nut butters.

Your Top 3 Focuses for balanced skin 

  1. Hydration: Moisture loss isn’t the only thing we lose as we age. Missing oils, also mean that hydration is easily drawn out from our skin, which makes working a hydrator into your routine a must. Hydration, interestingly enough, is the most commonly missed piece of the puzzle when it comes to skin care.
  2. An antioxidant-rich routine: Antioxidants are nature’s anti-ageing gems. They help restore tone and texture, all while preventing further damage from free radicals. They also boost skin cell regeneration to improve cellular turnover for healthy new skin.
  3. Gentle exfoliation: One of the fastest ways to achieve a more youthful appearance is to ensure that dead skin isn’t getting in the way. This helps to improve skin’s texture as well. For delicate and mature skin, you want to look for gentle exfoliators or ones that contain fruit enzymes for a non-abrasive exfoliation. For the record, pineapple is our favourite fruit enzyme.


Top 3 pitfalls for a Peony

  • Not having a fully balanced routine! Every skin care routine needs to contain a cleanser, exfoliator, hydrator and skin moisturizer. Each piece is interconnected and missing just one of these can perpetuate your skin concerns. Not sure how to build a balanced routine? Build your routine with our FREE Routine Builder.
  • Not using plush enough moisturizers. Your skin is likely to soak up anything and everything it’s given, so why not provide it with the richest ingredients available. Look for moisturizers that don’t just contain oils, but also fruit or nut butters. These will go a long way to help restore the lost moisture in your skin.
  • Skipping out on antioxidants. Your skin likely needs some help in the cellular regeneration department. Antioxidants are the best way to boost this aspect. When our skin regeneration isn’t up to par, the skin looks dull and grey.
  • Skipping a morning cleanse. Not cleansing your skin in the morning because it’s not oily (or you feel like you don’t need it) can actually be a big mistake. The reason it’s so important to give your skin a fresh start, even if you did a full facial routine the night before, is while we sleep, our skin is in repair mode. During this process, it secretes toxins and sebum – both of which will keep your daytime products from working effectively. With skin like yours, we want to make sure nothing is in the way of your antioxidant packed, rich products absorbing and getting to work.


 Top product picks for a peony 

Forever Young Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer

Forever Young Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer

Calendula and Cucumber Facial Cleanser

Calendula & Cucumber Cleanser

Easy on the Eyes Eye Cream

“Easy on the Eyes” Eye Cream


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Psst… Fun Fact: Momma Batty is a peony!

Momma Batty is a peony!

Made it here without taking the Floral Aura Skin Personality Quiz? Oops! Let’s make sure you’re right the right spot. Head over here to take the quiz now.

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