Double Reward Points

Double Facial Primer

Yup- You’re seeing double!

But there’s no need to book an appointment with your eye Dr. Although, you’re going to want to book in some shopping time though at

Why? Because we’re DOUBLING your Batty’s Bath Rewards points on all orders placed in January!

That means for every $1 CAD you purchase in products at (before shipping and taxes), you’ll earn 20 pts! Earning Batty’s Bath points has never been so easy!

Not familiar with our Batty’s Bath Rewards Points Program?

Well, if you have a Batty’s Bath account (You can sign up for a free account at, you’ve been collecting points from the beginning! As a special welcome gift, we’ll give you 100 pts just for signing up too. From that point on, you’ll earn points for every order you place! You can redeem them for store credit or FREE shipping.

Redeeming your points:

1,000 pts = $5 in store credit
2,000 pts = $10 in store credit
2,400 pts = Up to $12 in FREE shipping
3,000 pts = $15 in store credit or $15 in FREE shipping
4,000 pts = $20 in store credit or $20 in FREE shipping
5,000 pts = $25 in store credit
6,000 pts = $30 in store credit

Looking to find out what your points balance is?

Login to your account at, and you’ll spot a purple bar in the bottom right hand corner that will tell you just how many points you’ve got built up.

Double Reward Points

Let’s go earn some points ….

It all started as one college student’s skin care experiment.
Five years later, it’s a wild-crafted beauty revolution.
Find out about the origins of Batty’s Bath, the secret laboratory, and our commitment to inspiring self-esteem, confidence & kindness, for all…..