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Starting your skin care journey with a skin detox has several skin-changing and health-provoking purposes! From ridding your skin of toxins to moving your skin forward in its healing journey, detoxification is one step that almost everyone finds themselves needing from time to time – especially those who are new to natural products. Many people will turn to our detox products when they are frustrated that no matter how well they eat, what they use, or what they take, their skin still seems to have a mind of its own. The detox products are a soothing reset button for your skin!

One specific purpose of the detox products is for those that would like to detoxify your skin from the residue of commercial products before moving into a skin specific routine that uses pure, natural, handcrafted products. Batty’s detox kit will help your skin rid itself of toxins and build up from chemical laden commercial products.

Your First Step

Detoxify your skin by using the detox kit. Once your detox is done, move onto another skin care kit or check out our resources for building your own balancing routine to target any remaining concerns.

Often times, new customers find that the detox kit is all they need (even if they were struggling with another concern such as acne). For others, they stick with the detox products but add in one or two targeted products (such as an acne serum or our hydration mist).  Some people may find themselves looking to the detox products when they’ve been following one of the other guides for more than 6 months, had significant improvement in the first few months, but then hit a plateau. A plateau is a period of a few weeks or months when the positive progress has stopped moving forward. When a plateau in the skin healing journey happens, it might be time to add a few more things to your plan (see Batty’s suggestions here).

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