Skin Care 101

Your Natural Skin Care Education Starts Here


The 1st Step:

Discover your skin’s personality

Before we start balancing your skin and regaining control we need to figure out what your skin’s unique personality is. Since we believe that the typical “skin type” categories are limited and oversimplified, we’ve come up with a unique system we call “Floral Auras“.

Floral auras describe the current state of your skin and help you get a handle on what your skin needs right now to return to harmonious balance.

Ready to find your Floral Aura?

After taking our quick (but super accurate) assessment, you’ll know:

  • 🌈 Tthe benefits of having your unique combination of skin characteristics!
  • 🏃‍ What specific actions to focus on to achieve balanced, radiant skin
  • Pitfalls to watch out for!
  • Must have products for your skin
  • 📚 A list of resources picked specifically for you

Get ready to know your skin like you’ve never known it before!

Already know your floral aura?

Daylily Floral Aura Skin PersonalityDesert Marigold Floral Aura Skin PersonalityOrchid Floral Aura Skin Personality

Peony Floral Aura Skin PersonalityPeriwinkle Floral Aura Skin PersonalitySunflower Floral Aura Skin Personality

The 2nd Step:

Build a balancing routine

Build a custom natural skin care routine


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