Annual Charity Soap Drive

Batty's Bath Annual Charity Soap Drive

Batty’s Bath Annual Soap Drive 

During the month of November, $1 from every full-sized soap bars sold at is donated to one charity (see previous charities below). Each year, during October, the Batty’s Bath community nominates their favourite charities in hopes of having them selected as our soap drive charity. Either by voting system or random draw, a charity from those nominated is selected.

If you’d like your charity to be nominated for a future soap drive, be sure to turn into our Facebook fan page mid-October when the nominations open up again.

Past winning charities include:

1st year (2011): 

2nd year (2012): 

 3nd year (2013):

 4th year (2014):

5th year (2015):

6th year (2016):

  • Big on Beagles Rescue
  • We also donated $100 to 3 additional charities as there was so many nominations for them! Those charities included:
    • The Big Fix TNR Grassroots Rescue
    • Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport
    • Second Chance Auction Animal Rescue

7th year (2017):

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