Bye Bye Blackheads Power Pack

byebyeblackheads_mainBlackheads beware! This duo is going to make sure your days are numbered!

If you’ve tried everything to get rid of those pesky blackheads with limited to no success, your search for a blackhead busting solution has ended!

The combination of my Facial Primer and Charcoal Soap has proven to clear out and clear up blackheads – just checkout the feedback by clicking on either of the products (here for Facial Primer and here for Charcoal Soap) for actually customer accounts of how these products have sent their blackheads packing! One customer even saw her blackheads literally POPPING OUT of her pores!

And don’t worry, this isn’t a solution that is going to take up a lot of time, money, or effort – it’s a routine that’s super simple to follow! No complicated steps, no harsh chemicals, and definitely skin damaging nose strips!

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It all started as one college student’s skin care experiment.
Five years later, it’s a wild-crafted beauty revolution.
Find out about the origins of Batty’s Bath, the secret laboratory, and our commitment to inspiring self-esteem, confidence & kindness, for all…..