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Natural Beauty by Batty's BathIf you’ve found your way to Batty’s Bath, you’re likely a radiant, in tuned soul who’s doing their best to follow a natural, healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle.

You, like me, are intuitively drawn to nature, enjoy the simple things in life, and your heart grows two sizes every time your eyes fall upon an adorable animal (I’ve got one of those cuddling with me right now!).

While striving to lead your heart-centred life – amongst the yoga sessions, the smoothie blending, or maybe even the dog walking and volunteering – there’s one thing that keeps bringing down your radiant vibe: your skin.

No amount of positivity seems to be able to “will away” the sensitivity, irritation, or breakouts that keep popping up. Maybe for your skin becomes unruly during “that time of the month”. Or maybe you’re like a not too distant version of myself who couldn’t find any rhyme or reason to the self-esteem depleting sensitivity and breakouts that came on whenever and wherever they wanted – and always before an event that required my picture to be taken or my face to be front and centre.

Continuing on a path of self-love and acceptance becomes dang hard when a quick glance at your reflection can take you from flying high (like after a particularly positive pow-wow with your besties) to a flood of negative self-talk – usually accompanied by the urge to crawl under your fluffiest blanket and the intention to never EVER show your fresh, makeup-free face to the world again!

After some time hiding out from the world you realize that it’s not exactly a realistic path – after all, even self-proclaimed hermits like myself need to leave the house sometimes (those market fresh greens aren’t going to pick up themselves after all!).  At this point, you either begrudgingly accept sensitivity, redness, and/or acne as your personal burden to bear, or you feel a glimmer of hope when you think,

“I’m a radiant, fearless, all-powerful woman! I’m going to figure out how to overcome this!”
Naturally Radiant

And just like the bad boyfriend or girlfriend you decided wouldn’t weigh you down for one more minute, you make a promise to yourself to find a way to kick unruly skin to the curb too!

If that enthusiasm quickly fizzled out for you in the past, don’t worry – you’re in the right place this time! While the path to a personalized skin solution has looked far too wide in the past, or things you’ve tried didn’t pan out (or didn’t align with your healthy living goals), or you simply got completely overwhelmed with all the competing advice and opinions that Google brought up, take a second to take a deep breath, quiet your thoughts and know, you have arrived here at the  right time, for the right purpose, and your self-loving path to clear skin (and an extra radiant life) starts right now!

I’m not here as a dictator who will give you a list of “dos and don’ts”. Nope, that’s not my style – I prefer to be a guide and luminary of the solutions that nature offers us. I believe that each of us, with a little bit of guidance and the right information, are able to be the best judge of what should – and shouldn’t – come along on our wellness journey.

I’m going to lovingly, and gently, take you on a path that will have you feeling (and looking) radiant inside and out.

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