Batty’s Bath Botanical Based Skin Care & Cruelty Free Cosmetics


Welcome to a fresh start

At Batty’s Bath, we chose to embrace the proven powers of Mother Nature. We believe that skin care doesn’t need to be complicated.  Each ingredient is chosen for a specific purpose; there are no fillers, no chemicals and no irritants- only skin loving elements.  The products in our line aren’t the only thing that set us apart nor does your journey end there.  We provide you will all the resources you need to take back control of your skin. From this moment on, you’ll have access to tools to help guide you through your natural journey and the support of likeminded individuals. 

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regain control by bringing your skin back into balance

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Free Skin Assessment

After taking our quick (but super accurate) assessment, you’ll know: the benefits of having your unique combination of skin characteristics, ‍what specific actions to focus on to achieve balanced, radiant skin, pitfalls to watch out for, mMust have products for your skin, and a list of resources picked specifically for you.

Become a Radiant Rebel

If you’re ready to say YES to achieving naturally radiant skin, then you’re ready to say NO to harsh, toxic, misguided approaches to skin care. You’re also ready to embrace a nurturing, healing approach to bringing balance to your skin with a group of like-minded souls.

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